Stage 5 Clinger Alert! 11 Signs You're WAY Too Emotionally Needy

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You're WAY Too Emotionally Needy

Nothing scares off a potentially perfect partner more than the festering stench of being emotionally needy. It's exhausting for everyone involved.

If you're emotionally needy, you're probably expending a ton of energy trying to nail down a commitment way too soon just to feel secure. And if the person you're dating is emotionally needy, you're probably busy running for the hills or scrolling through frantic texts because you took too long to respond to him (because God forbid you need to shower, drive, or sleep ever).

Emotional need is human. It's normal. But emotional neediness is unhealthy, and it stems from insecurity and a feeling of not being complete within yourself.

If you suspect that you're emotionally needy, don't even think of pursuing a relationship with someone else until you fix the relationship with yourself first. And if you're not sure if you're emotionally needy, read on for a self-diagnosis ... or just ask your girlfriends, because they're probably sick and tired of hearing you whine about that guy who never called you back two years ago.

Whenever your partner — or just the guy you're on a first date with — leaves for more than hour, you're like ...

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family guy stewie

If he's distracted by things like Call Of Duty, a phone call from his parents, or having a job, you're all ...

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He knows better than to stray too far, but only for one reason.

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isla fisher stage 5 clinger good cause i would find you wedding crashers

You will do whatever it takes to get a second date.

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adam driver hbo girls

Your girlfriends invite you out but you're busy waiting around for him to come home. Or just to call you for a third date. Or just to text you back ever.

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You'd rather him ask if you want fries with that than even dream of accepting a job where he may have to travel, or see you for one less hour a week.

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mcdonald's hamburglar ronald mcdonald grimace

This is how you spend your time when he's away ... for like, 10 minutes or more. Or when that guy from the bar last week loses your number.

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eric stonestreet modern family crying

You post a vague, passive-aggressive Facebook status when he doesn't text you in time. Then, when anyone asks what's the matter, you're all ...

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miley cyrus i dont want to talk about it

Basically, every single one of your actions screams:

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hayden panettiere heroes i dont want to be alone

You say, "No, it's fine. Go out with your friends." Then, when he's guilted into staying home with you, you're like...

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grinch smile

You beg people to love you because you're too insecure to actually love yourself.

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