Whoa! 3 Ways Your Hometown Predicts When You'll Get Married

Photo: WeHeartIt

Bad news, city people.

Where you are raised affects how you turn out. Your hometown could lead you to be more or less religious, more adventurous or sheltered, but what does it say about if you'll walk down the aisle?

The New York Times reports Upshot compiled data with Harvard economists looking at upward mobility, housing and tax policy. They noticed that people who are from certain areas follow the same trend on marriage.

Here are three big things your hometown says about your shot at marriage:

1. If you're in a big city, you'll have a harder time finding love.

If you're from a big city like New Orleans, Philadelphia or Los Angeles, chances for marriage are pretty slim. New York seems to hurt its citizens the most! Economists found the top five areas that discourage marriage the most all happen to be in New York.

2. If your county voted Republican, you'll most likely get married earlier.

The study also found that areas (even big cities like Phoenix) who leaned toward voting Republican in the 2012 election were areas where people got married more. 

3. If you're from the south, it all depends on how much money you make.

Many assume that if you live around the Bible belt, you're probably going to get married without any problems. However, research found that money matters. Higher-income southerners tend to get married, while lower-income southerners are less likely to have a wedding day.

Looks like we need to pack our bags and go to a smaller city!