9 Subtle Ways To Tell Your BFF You Absolutely HATE Her Boyfriend

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Tell Your Friend She’s Dating The Wrong Person
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Sometimes, a best friend dates someone not-so-great. Sure, she has excellent taste in friends (obviously), but her taste in men? Not so much.

It's hard to fess up that you hate her boyfriend's guts ... and wish his genitals would shrivel and fall off. (OK, that might be a bit harsh, but we've all been there.)

The trickiest part is how to tell her without hurting her feelings, yet still maintaining your friendship.

Here are a few ways to delicately break the news to your BFF that she's dating Mr. Wrong.

Fake an injury.

It might not sound like a good idea, but hear me out: If you're injured, you have an excellent excuse to yell out random things in the throes of pain. She won't fight with you because you'll look utterly pitiful and she'll feel guilty.

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Tell her while laughing uncontrollably.

They say laughter is contagious; hopefully more so than the STD you're sure her guy is sporting. So, channel your favorite comedy and laugh until you cry ... and then blurt out how you really feel. Here's to hoping she joins you in laugh-crying and that those tears aren't because she's mad at you. *Fingers crossed.*

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Pass her a note.

Hey, it worked in fourth grade so it should work now. May I suggest writing "Do I like him?" and then check the box for 'no.' But don't forget to add "LYLAS" and a sticker at the end so she knows it's not personal.

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Take her to a park.

The fresh air should ease the blow, and if not, at least you'll get a round on the swings before you leave.

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Have someone else do it and observe from afar.

Yes, it sounds bad — but so is the guy she's dating so anything goes. Plus, this way you don't have to do the dirty work, and can swoop in and casually mention you agree with the horrible person who (gasp!) would say such a thing.

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Throw a tantrum if she won't break up with him.

It may not be the classiest of ways but at least it will get her attention. It will also bring back memories of high school when you had two lines in the winter play (and you nailed them!) but that's neither here nor there.


Bribe her.

It's a little unorthodox, but whatever. Perhaps cash and the promise of a new outfit will gloss things over.

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Tell her while you're both volunteering at an animal shelter.

Even if she yells at you, you won't hear it over the barking. Plus, puppy breath is a cure-all for a broken heart. It's science.


Send her this article.

If being subtle doesn't work, email her with the subject line "DUMP HIS ASS!" And if that fails, you might just have to hold her down and scream it at her.