7 Promises You Would Only Make To Your Bestest Of All BFFs

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Promises You Would Only Make To Your Best Friend

Having a best friend you know you can always count on makes life so much easier. There's something to be said about a person who's seen what you looked like during your awkward puberty days and years later, still loves you for exactly who you are.

You've fought your way through so many arguments, tears and failed relationships, which just proves that she's your most important person and soulmate. My best friend and I have been sisters for twelve years and yet I sometimes feel like I've known her FOREVER.

I'm always surprised by just much she gets me. No matter how many friends have come and gone, she's always been a solid presence in my life. If your best friend isn't just your partner-in-crime, but she's also your soulmate, take the time out and make these promises to her today:

I promise to hold your hair back when you're puking your lungs out from that shady tequila mix. (P.S. You should've listened to me.)

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kristen wiig

I promise to tell you when you look like a hot mess when you want the absolute truth. I also promise to lie when you don't.

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rashida jones

I promise to tell you when your boyfriend is a total d*ck. Especially after you've finally, THANKFULLY broken things off with him. #praisethelord

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I promise to *always* make time for you, even when I meet the husband, have the baby, move to the West coast. Always.

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tina fey and amy poehler

I promise that I won't Instagram or Snapchat the face you make when you ugly-cry. Secret's safe with me, girl.

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dawson's creek

I promise to shield your bare ass from passers-by when you need to pee outside of the concert venue/on the side of the road/next to the porta-potty because EW, porta-pottys.

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emma stone

I promise to always remind you how lucky I am to have you in my life.

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