Sad: THIS Group Of People Has Highest Rate Of Eating Disorders

Photo: WeHeartIt

When society talks about eating disorders, it tends to focus on one group: white, straight, young women. They feel the pressure to look a certain way because of Photoshop images that push only ONE standard of beauty.

But there are other kinds of people who don't fit this description who are hurting from eating disorders at an alarming rate.

According to a study published in Journal of Adolescent Health, transgender people have a higher rate of eating disorders than cisgender (heterosexual) people.

The study included 289,024 students from 223 American universities, 479 of them identify as transgender. All the students were asked if they have vomited, used laxatives, or taken diet pills within the last month. Sadly, transgender participants were more likely to say yes.

So what is this the cause of this?

Researchers believe that transgender women are feeling more pressure to fit the thin beauty standard for women. Transgender men might also be turning to these methods to lose weight in their boobs and hips to look more like a man.

Of course, the stress of going through this journey might also come into play. It's very sad, but hopefully the research and awareness leads to more people getting treatment.