Fist-Pound! 7 Signs You Are Basically Owning Your 20s

WORK IT, girl!

You Are Basically OWNING Your 20s weheartit

Being a twenty-something today comes with a lot more expectations than it used to. Because everyone sees us as the super-naive and wild generation (what's the deal with that reputation?) we practically get sh*t on in every single aspect of our lives.

Whether it's missing out on that job you really wanted, not being able to pay your outrageously high rent for that shoebox you're living out of or getting burned at love over and over again, millennials (especially 20-something women) definitely have it rougher than our parents did.


But in spite of all of the drama, we still manage to make the best out of everything. That's just a part of our resilient nature.

If you ever feel overwhelmed or like you're out of time, remind yourself that the struggle is part of the process. Here are 7 signs that prove that you are totally KILLING it out there:

1You always bounce back from failed relationships, even if they were the worst ten seconds (or three years) of your life.

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2Running into your ex doesn't phase you. Or if it does, you know how to switch off the urge to side-eye him. (Unless he's a douche.)

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3Even though money's super tight right now, you're on your Miss Independent Sh*t. Multiple part-time jobs? BRING IT ON.

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4Juggling your work and personal life isn't always easy but you still make time for your girls.

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5You never run away from your mistakes, no matter what.

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6Setting a budget for yourself is complete torture but you just grin and bear it.

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7You're still figuring things out but are more than ready for change.

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