11 Reasons Animalistic Sex Is The Best Sex EVER (As Told With GIFs)

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Animalistic Sex Is The Best Sex

If you really want to turn up the heat in bed, sweaty and animalistic sex is where it's at. Once you experience getting wiiiiiild in between the sheets with your partner, there's seriously no going back.

While missionary sex can be fun, people use it way too often as a go-to sex position. Let us introduce you to sex of the hot and heavy variety.

Not only will trying something new in the bedroom once in awhile keep you and your man on your toes, it'll also make your physical and emotional connection so much stronger. Sneaking in uninhibited sex will do wonders for both your sex and love life.

These seven reasons will show you why animalistic sex is the only way you should be getting down and dirty.

You and your man can spend the night exploring all of your juicy kinks. The wilder you are, the better.

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Kristiin wig saturday night live

You'll have mind-blowing, nonstop orgasms for DAYS.

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You'll work up more than just a sweat (*wink*).

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couple exercising

It's the perfect excuse for you to let your inner freak out.

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super freak

It's a great way to get your aggression out after a HUGE fight.

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james franco

You get to be a sexy animal alter-ego.

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mean girls

It's totally fine if you roar.

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katy perry

Think of the sex music possibilities!

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welcome to the jungle

A chance for you to work those claws. Or talons.

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girl scratching boyfriend's back

Tarzan moans = totally acceptable, even encouraged.

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You might end up with jungle babies!

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