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The Day Of The Week When Americans Sleep The Most

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The Day Of The Week When Americans Sleep The Most

Turns out that having a case of the Mondays isn't just about dreading another hectic week at work! 

Sleep Cyclean app that helps you track sleep, studied data from 941,300 of its users from 50 different countries. They found many interesting things including why we despise Mondays.

The reason ... we aren't sleeping soundly on Sunday nights.

Americans sleep the least on Sunday nights with an average of seven hours and one minute.

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We're also up and at 'em 21 minutes earlier on Mondays than other days to get a jump on the workweek grind. 


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So when are Americans getting the most rest? Saturdays! Instead of partying it up, we're sleeping 28 minutes more on Saturday nights than any other day. (Or if they're up late, we're sleeping in to make up for it.)


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Of course, sleeping in Sunday makes it harder to hit the sack early that night. 

The survey also looked into people's moods each day (since sleep greatly affects that), using a scale of 0 (being the worst) to 100 (being the best).

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We're typically somewhere around the 60 range. But ... they found that we're more chipper on — you guessed it — Fridays!

Our mood was shown to be at a 65 knowing that we have the weekend (and more sleep!) to look forward to.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on May 4, 2015 and was updated with the latest information.