Up Close And Personal: 5 Photo Trends That Couples Need To Ditch

Self, Sex

We didn't think anything could top the groundbreaking selfie — and then these happened.

The rising popularity of photo sharing apps on the market today has influenced the way people offer insight into their everyday lives. From quirky pictures of yesterday's five course meal to artistic shots of our favorite celebs in the buff (Selena Gomez — we see you, girl), trendy photo sharing apps such as Instagram and SnapChat have turned users with average photography skills into filter-manipulating rockstars. This even inspired DJ duo Chainsmokers to make a catchy song about it, hashtags included, which is quickly becoming the anthem of the insta-generation.

On the dating front, couples add love into the mix and compete for instafame with pictures that range from being totally romantic (Note to Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo: Never change) to falling into overshare central.

Check out some of the more interesting photo trends that are creating a buzz.

1. Live Birth Photography

Before catching on in the UK,  this U.S. trend sparked debate because of its incredibly intimate nature. Most people agree that childbirth is one of the most natural and beautiful times in a person's life. According to the Daily Mail, more parents-to-be are trying to capture that special moment by hiring photographers to document the entire birthing experience. New mom Ruth Iorio set the social media world on fire when she decided to take the trend a step further by not only live tweeting her labour, but also posting graphic photos before, during and after on Instagram for the world to see. Where do you stand on this controversial trend? 

2. Sex Selfies

Now that the age of the selfe is upon us, some lovebirds have decided to show off their undercover underwear model skills by posting daring (not to mention slightly awkward) picture teasers of their more, ahem, intimate activities. According to the Times of India, what are essentially known as "sex selfies" have not only become exceedingly popular all over the world, but are now pretty much considered ... normal. Are we the only ones scratching our heads at this?

3. Couplies

Nothing says facebook official like a generous up-the-nose shot of you and your honey bee. When we first reported on this hip trend, a few of you didn't hesitate to express your unwavering support of this overly sweet and (slightly narcissistic) gesture. Whether you find these pictures #completelyawkward or #totallyfetch, we're sure we wouldn't be alone in letting out a collective sigh of relief if these shots didn't constantly flood our newsfeeds.

4. Zoomed In Kissing Shot

Okay, now we know that this is a subject that we may have to agree to disagree on. While we're not denying that there are exceptions to the rule (dogs smooching, FTW), we have to say that up close pictures of you going in for the kill may sound like a good idea in theory but are not as attractive as you think. We're all for celebrating love out loud and proud but zoomed in shots of your tongues colliding (taken from an awkward angle, no less) should probably be kept private.

5. Hand Hearts

We have to admit that we're pretty torn on this hip trend. Although we're not certain when this sweet hand gesture went viral, we've noticed that an influx of couples have been resorting to the 'thumbs down with indexes touching' heart approach. New York Times covered the spike in this trend's use, mentioning its popularity among young stars such as the princess of country/pop and Mother Monster herself (Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, respectively). Whatever your take on hand hearts is, anything that spreads the love is fine with us!

How do you feel about these up close and personal photo trends? Tell us in the comments below.