Want A Baby? Get Him To Do THIS For 8 Hours!

What now??

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So you want a baby. And you've been trying, but it's just not happening.

We're betting no one warned you beforehand just how many weird things can affect your success of conceiving. But now you find yourself on a sex schedule ("Honey, quick, we have to do it NOW!"), exercising regularly and being cautious of your food and alcohol intake. You've even taken away your hubby's tightie-whities and filled his drawer with ball-breathing boxers.


But here's one thing we're betting you haven't been doing: letting your guy take long, luxurious naps and sleep in late on weekends.

A new study published in The American Journal of Epidemiology has found that losing Z's won't just affect your man's mood, it also lowers the quality of his sperm. The study gathered 953 young Danish men and took semen and blood samples from them. The guys also completed a physical examination and a questionnaire.

What researchers found was an interesting correlation between their marching men and how much sleep they're getting: The guys who had trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and sleeping deeply in the study had a 33 percent drop in sperm concentration, and their sperm count was reduced by 30 percent.


The study didn't come to one conclusion about why this happens, but they speculated that it's likely stress related. 

So while you may be super excited about the baby-making process (and lots of extra sex!), you may want to make sure he's getting his full eight hours of shut-eye first!