6 Ways Being A B*tch Makes You Better At (Almost) Everything

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being a bitch

Society has backed powerful (productive?) women into a corner for centuries! If we make the same demands that savvy men make or dare to assert ourselves the slightest we're branded as b*tches.  

Well guess what. We'll gladly accept the title. Surprised? Don't be! Science has found that being a b*tch actually has some damn good benefits. 

Not convinced? Here are six reasons you should embrace your b*tchiness: 

1. It'll get you a promotion.
Asserting yourself in general is no easy feat, let alone in the workplace. Some women's first instinct is to be gracious, do their job, and hope they get the kudos they deserve. But we know how the world works. How's that working out for ya?

This is a fine time for you to let your inner b*tch shine through! According research from Stanford University's business school: Women who are self-confident, assertive, aggressive but also able to self-monitor their behavior, get 1.5 times more promotions than men with the same qualities and two times as many as their female counterparts.

2. You'll have more sex
Sorry, but being shy and demure won't get you laid. Go ahead, take what you want and make the first move. Most men actually prefer it this way. (Why wouldn't they? It means less work!). A study from the University of California at San Francisco found that 72 percent of men are totally down for a woman to initiate sex, but only 25 percent of women actually do so.

3. Being passive can be cancerous.
Trying to avoid confrontation could kill you (literally), so just let it out! A joint study by Harvard University and the University of Rochester found that bottling up emotions can increase your risk of dying from all causes by 35 percent. Specifically, your risk for heart diseases rises by 47 percent — while, your risk for cancer increases by 70 percent. The era of passive aggression is over. Girl: B*tch. It. OUT.

4. You'll get more sh*t done.
Many women on competitive reality shows love to brag, "I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to win!" It doesn't necessarily make them likable, but science has proven that being moderately assertive means higher productivity. Don't be so pushy that your co-workers hate you, but there's no need to focus heavily on being miss popular.

5. You could quite possibly be a genius. 
Some b*tches are know for their snarky sarcasm. Love it or hate it, sarcastic people are actually smarter than others, and their sarcasm makes people around them smarter too, according to experts who spoke with (for a fascinating article). You see, being exposed to sarcasm enhances creative problem solving and the brain works harder in order to understand it.

So wait. Being a smart ass, makes you (and others!) smart? Yes! Let the fun begin.

6. B*tch face means no wrinkles.
OK, so there's no actual science here, but it's obvious that resting bitch face has its perks: 1) It deters unwanted male suitors as well as annoying interruptions from countless strangers too afraid to approach, and 2) It's the very best anti-aging remedy. Don't believe us? R.B.F. has allowed this woman to (allegedly) appear ageless for the past 40 years. She is truly our idol.