6 Brave Couples Reveal The Most Honest Thing They've Told Each Other

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Marriage is for better or for worse ... but can you deal with THESE secrets?

Marriage is supposed to be about eternal honesty, truth, and understanding.
Wait, what? 
The reality is that marriage is a relationship like any other, and while we hope to be honest with each other always, sometimes we have some pretty big secrets up our sleeves. We crowd-sourced couples, asking them the most honest thing they've ever revealed to each other. Some were funny, others were shocking — but many were pretty epic!
1. I had an unspoken fetish.
"He revealed his fetish of being sexually aroused by BBW (big beautiful women). I still think I am the only one that he has ever revealed that to. It was such a huge deal for him to tell me, like a weight was lifted off of his shoulders."
2. We both wanted to sleep with other people.
"I had been thinking about doing it for a little while, but it was actually my wife that brought it up. 'What if we slept with other people?' she suddenly asked. I played it cool. We fought a lot and didn't have much sex. I don't remember the complete logic of it all, but here we are married almost twelve years with two kids. Being with other people gave us the separation we needed to be closer again and forced us to have conversations about trust and commitment that we never had before."
3. We didn't want to have kids
"Not wanting to have kids. Not much of a reveal than more of a life choice. And luckily we were both on the same page!"
4. I'm not quite who I seem.
"The most honest thing I ever told my husband is that I had a nose job, something that no one knows. To me it was a big deal but he didn't seem to care!"
5. We're both human and aren't interested in hiding it.
 "If you've ever pooped your pants...? One time we had the "stomach bug," at the same time ... let's just say it broke down barriers!"
6. I have medical issues.
"I think it's important to come super-clean about certain things because if they come out later, it could ruin everything. I think you should be super-honest about if you've made out or hooked up with any of their friends. Also, medical history. If you are planning on kids or whatever, I think it's only fair to be like 'hey, this is in my family.' None of this is remotely sexy but it's a good insurance against drama or disappointment down the road."