The 10 BIGGEST Differences Between Love Sex & Lust Sex

Is it love or lust? Here are ten differences between "love" sex and "lust" sex.

couple kissing

Lust often leads to love. Physical attraction is usually the first thing that unites a couple. While a relationship can’t sustain on lust alone, it can certainly thrive for a period of sexual bliss. Love is blissful too, but there’s a different form of intensity when a couple makes love. Here’s how to determine if you’re having “love” sex or “lust” sex:

1. "Love" sex makes you cry because there’s so much passion between you and your partner. "Lust" sex makes you cry because you have a feeling you might not ever talk to the person again once the deed is done.


2. A “lust” sex partner is praying he doesn’t fertilize your eggs. A “love” sex partner knows how you like them cooked in the morning.

3. After "love" sex, all you want to do is cuddle. After "lust" sex, all you want to do is ask the person you just banged to tell you their last name.

4. During "love" sex you can be yourself. During "lust" sex you're usually more focused on making the other person feel good and not concentrating on your own needs.

5. "Lust" sex makes you feel like you conquered a goal. "Love" sex makes you want to plan your wedding.

6. Even if you don't have a happy ending, you feel satisfied after "love" sex because you connected on an intimate, spiritual level with another human being. Orgasim-less "lust" sex is like July 4th with no fireworks: disappointing, waiting for the big explosion.


7. You have a better chance of some dirty lovin’ occurring during "lust" sex. "Love" sex might begin on a bed of roses.

8. When and if your relationship ends, you'll always compare the "love" sex to your new mate. After the end of a "lust" sex relationship, you're more open to moving on and satisfying new urges.

9. "Lust" sex encounters most likely teach you new moves to use on future partners. "Love" sex encounters don't need all the aerobics to make for a great time.


10. "Love" sex inspires poems. "Lust" sex inspires break-up ballads.