Being Pretty Hurts Your Career, Says Study

Women can't win either way!

Blake Lively WeHeartIt

Looking for another example of society continues to oppress women? Well, here you go! 

It has been found that in addition to unequal pay, women also get docked in their careers for being attractive.

According to science, you have to lie somewhere in the middle when it comes to looks. If you're unattractive then you're going to be paid 12 percent less but if you're too attractive then chances are you won't even get in the door! 


"Being good-looking can cost you opportunities — jobs, assignments, scholarships, promotions, and the like," explains Columbia University professor Heidi Grant Halverson to Business Insider.

What. The. Actual. F*ck! We just can't win. To think that people are actually petty enough to count someone out based on their looks is beyond us. 

And THIS is the pathetic reason why:

"No one actually says to himself or herself, much less to others, "I am threatened by this person, so there is no way I'm hiring this applicant," Halverson continues, "but that's exactly what happens."

Sadly, our best advice is this: Be yourself and hope for the best.