10 Quotes That PROVE Pampering Makes Unbreakable Bonds

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With everything you have going on, we know that “pampering yourself” can slip far (FAR!) on your list of priorities. It’s not the most important thing you have going on and you need to put some other things first before you feel like you deserve it.

But if you’re running around all day, stressed and frazzled, you NEED to have that time to pamper. What about those friends you haven’t seen in weeks? The ones you keep meaning to grab a drink with and the plans just haven’t materialized.

Time to put an end to procrastination! We could all use a little more pampering. We’ve started our Share The Love campaign with Essie to remind ourselves what bonding USED to mean: pampering and loving yourself and sharing that with your closest friends.

Remember those late night slumber parties where you stayed up painting each other’s nails? Those giddy salon trips for your first manicures?

How did we forget that pampering is THE original way of bonding?

YourTango and essie recently surveyed all of our readers about all their salon habits and amazing stories. What we found is some truly awesome stories that everyone has to share about getting pampered and spending time with the people they love the most.

What more do you need to convince you? Read these 11 heart-warming (and most importantly, REAL) stories and grab your bestie for an essie salon run!

1. I love sharing that invincible feeling with the people I love.

“I'm in my early 20's and have been getting my nails done since I was 12. I almost always go with my mother. It's our time for a girls' day and to bond. The ladies who do our nails are sister-in-laws and we " compete" who has better nails. It's always a fun time. More recently I've been getting my nails done to fit styles I've always loved; bring on the zebra and leopard prints! Such a fun way to express myself and make me feel confident and beautiful at the same time. I also want that for my mother.”

2. Taking my daughter to the salon is a cherished memory.

“I remember precious moments taking my daughter with me to the salon to get our nails done. She is married and lives far away. I miss those special bonding times we cherished together. I am smiling because she will send me pictures of nail polish to my cell phone while she is at the salon asking me for my advice on which color looks best, and of course like clockwork my cell will beep notifying me she sent a picture of her beautifully done manicure wearing her favorite essie shade.”

3. I got my husband addicted and we’re closer than ever!

“I took my husband, who would be described as your typical jock or meat head, to his first pedicure. He was a little nervous, but he humored me and went. He loved it and even will go and get a pedicure by himself. Although we do love going together; it is a great bonding experience just us together being pampered.”

4. Afterwards, I look down at my nails and think of her.

“I hadn't seen my best friend in over a year, and when she came to CA from NY to visit, we went and pampered ourselves with pedis! It was around Halloween and we both got the same pedi with a purple (essie’s the girls are out) big toe and black (essie’s licorice) on all the others. She left that day, but it was so sweet to look down at my toes knowing 3,000 miles away she would be looking at hers and thinking of me.”

5. I’m teaching my daughter to express herself.

“I'll never forget the first time I took my daughter to the nail salon, when she was about 4 years old. She didn't much like the filing and soaking part and was very upset with the pedicure part, and she made that very clear. I had taken her thinking she would love it, since she always wanted to "help" when I gave myself a manicure and she never objected when I trimmed and filed her nails.

However, she was in tears until it came time to put on polish! Suddenly, she was all smiles and giggles. She told the manicurist that she wanted a different color for each finger and "piggy". She ran to pick out her favorite 10 colors, all very bright essie shades! The manicurist obliged her with a smile and complimented her on her color selection. My daughter then insisted that we call all her friends for a sleep-over so she could show off her adorable nails! (Of course I gave the manicurist a wonderful tip for making my daughter so happy!)”

6. Watching my grandma at the beauty parlor was the first time I felt like an adult.

“I remember staying with my grandma often as a little kid. She didn't drive a car and lived in the city. She and I walked everywhere to do her errands. On many of those occasions, we would walk to her "beauty parlor." There she would get her hair done: wash, set and dried under those cone-shaped dryers. I was about 4 to 6 years old on those visits, which to me as a little kid seemed to be hours long. But I did not mind one bit, a lady would file and paint my nails while I waited for Grandma to have her hair done.

I loved it because I would listen to the women in the shop gossip and tell stories about people. I felt special because they always made a big deal over me being "Claire's granddaughter." I felt grown up and it was a special time in my life when my grandma was alive. When my Claire got very old and lived in a nursing home, my mother always made sure that the hairdresser would come do my grandma's hair every two weeks. I would visit her and do her nails. Claire lived to be 102 years old. This, to me, is an awesome memory!”

7. My nail tech is one of my closest friends!

“I've been with my nail tech for almost twenty years. I always tell her she's one of my longest relationships. In fact, we were at each other's weddings. The relationships in our salon are like ones you see in a movie — we know each other, support each other and thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie that comes from meeting up every other week at the same time and in the same place.”

8.  Even on a limited budget, they give me the royal treatment.

“I love my nail salon. They know I'm a single mom on a limited budget. Anytime one of my nails breaks or the polish chips between appointments, they always fix it free of charge and on a moments notice. Talk about customer service!”

9. I pass on my pampering habits to my daughters.

“During the summer months, I tend to get each one of my toes painted a different color. I feel that there are so many colors to choose from why not have a rainbow of colors (essie's my favorite) on your toes at all times. My oldest daughter usually has her toes painted the same way. My other daughter picks on us and calls us clowns toes, and we laugh. The funny thing is, whenever I'm out and about I will be stopped by other women who compliment me on being so colorful, and most have said the next time they paint their toes they would do the same.

My colorful toes have been a true conversation piece. My nails are painted one of the colors of one of my colorful toes.”

10. My boyfriend treating me to a mani/pedi made me feel so polished.

“My first mani/pedi was a gift from my boyfriend after he realized he had been taking me for granted — it was such a sweet treat, since I hadn't ever had one and I'm now in my mid-thirties... I have always been in "mom-mode" and though my teenage daughters often go to the salon, I haven't made myself a priority. When he did that for me, it really made me feel like he valued me.

It was unexpected and thoughtful, and so I made the appointment for the days preceding our first trip to Las Vegas as a couple — it felt so nice to feel "polished" and put together! He was there for a work function, so it was nice to feel like I fit in with his coworkers and bosses. I fell in love with the feeling!”

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