Night Owls Are Smarter, Make More Money (Says Science)

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Night Owls Are Smarter

So much for the early bird gets the worm. New research proves that night owls are more intelligent and thus, more likely to make more money than morning people.

Researchers had 1,000 teenagers at University of Madrid complete tests that measured school performance and inductive intelligence and found that night people score higher on inductive reasoning, which is a sign of general intelligence and a good predictor of positive academic performance. 

Inductive reasoning is also tied to prestigous occupations, where people earn higher incomes.

Another study found that people who enjoy staying up throughout the night tend to be smarter than those who are getting their beauty rest. The study also found that US Airforce recruits who are more awake at night are more likely to have the ability to think laterally than their morning counterparts.

Now before you start adjusting your snooze schedule, know this: there's one thing that is working against nocturnal people — school and work performance. Unless you're working the night shift, your up-all-night schedule is more likely to make you perform worse at school and work.

After observation, the study found that the levels of achievement amongst night people were rated lower by eight percent, in comparison to morning people. Society's need for early schedules seem to throw nocturnal people off their A (+) game.

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