Sex Makes People More Creative (Says Science)

couple kissing covered in paint

If you're a creative person then you've probably experienced the oh-so-delightful experience of hitting a block. Maybe you can't find a direction or you're just completely mentally tapped out. To fix it, people usually go out in search of muse, but science has now given an interesting solution. SEX!

Yes, according to science sex makes people more creative by boosting their confidence.

The University of Newcastle conducted a study and asked participants to imagine a long walk with someone they love. They were then asked to take creative tests, while their level of creative output was examined.

Psychologists found that professional artists and poets have twice as many sexual partners as other people — furthermore, the average number of sex partners increases along with the amount of creative output a person has.

Weirdly, it was observed that when people imagined casual sex their brains, unexpectedly, became more analytical rather than creative. 

So what gives?

Well, the actual act of sex might not be what gets the creative juices flowing. Researchers believe the confidence of just getting some is what leads to people being more creative and uninhibited than before.

Well, guess this explains why the most talented musicians and actors are the ones getting all the action. All in a day's work, right?