7 Signs Your Boss Is Basically A Big Fat Bully

A few ways to determine if your employer is actually a bully or just an idiot.


Bullying can take on a lot of forms (i.e. workplace bullying) and considering studies have shown that a lot of bosses can be psychopaths, there's a big chance you are working or have worked for a bully. Here are a few ways to determine if your employer is actually a bully or just an idiot. Sure, they're not mutually exclusive, but they're definitely not the same thing.

1. They take your lunch money and/or don't let you take lunch. Classic bully move. If your boss takes your precious Au Bon Pain budget and uses it all on herself, or if she just takes your food without asking, she's a bully and a horrible person. The only acceptable reason would be if she's using it to feed the hungry or something, but that's negated if you're hungry and she didn't have permission. This also applies if she overloads you with work and never lets you take an actual lunch break, because, well, it's the same damn thing ultimately.


2. They intimidate you. A lot of bosses are intimidating. This is either because they're genuinely scary or because you're a big pansy. Frankly, this may just be your own issue and nothing your boss is consciously doing to you.

3. Your boss beats you up. If you're scared to say no to your boss for fear of a shiner, your boss is a bully. And probably a criminal. Unless your job title is "Ronda Rousey's punching bag," in which case, that's a pretty awesome gig.

4. Your boss screams constantly. If no one in your office is hard of hearing, your boss is just being a big ole' blowhard. A good way to counter this is by speaking to your boss like she's hard of hearing. If nothing else, it'll confuse the s*it out of her and it's always fun to confuse people you don't like.


5. Your boss threatens you. It's even worse if those threats turn into promises. (See #3.)

6. Your boss takes credit for your efforts. Ugh. Not just a bullying tactic (because chances are you won't report them for it), but also just lame as hell. Sure, it's ultimately your job to make your boss look good, but you deserve to get the accolades you've earned. Don't settle for less: Document all of your progress, then say "We did a great job on this."

7. Your boss uses backhanded compliments. Anyone who makes you feel insecure in the guise of a compliment is not just a bully, but also a coward, because they're too scared to be direct with you. A good response is classic Southern passive aggression, like "Thanks so much! Bless your heart!" or, my favorite, "I appreciate that so much. I'll keep you in my prayers." Sure, they may be prayers that she gets hit by a train, but technically you're not lying, right?