Ouch! Wife Punishes Cheating Husband With Life-Long Sex Ban

couple in bed

There are many ways to deal with a cheating spouse: therapy, divorce, putting your spouse in a marital timeout. And while we're positive no professional would advise you to "punish" your cheating partner, it has yet to stop many scorned spouses from doing so.

Case in point: Haley Mulholland placed a lifelong sex ban on her husband after he went on The Jeremy Kyle Show and failed a lie detector test questioning his extramarital activities.

The test concluded that he had, in fact, been cheating. According to The Mirror, the mother of eight has decided she no longer wants to be intimate with her husband, Kev.

"While we're not divorced, we're not together. There's no kissing, sex or anything like that, though Kev's tried his luck," explains Mulholland to The Mirror. "Once a cheat always a cheat."

As a result, this wife will be keeping an eye out on her straying husband.

"I keep tabs on his phone and on his Facebook. He swears he's staying true, but I couldn't trust him as far as I can throw him. Over the past few months I've become quite the detective," says Mulholland.

Luckily, she hasn't found any evidence of her husband making the same mistake again. He's tried to get back into her good graces in hopes of rekindling the intimacy but thus far has been unsuccessful. "The other night he started stroking my thigh. I slapped his hand away. This body is well and truly out of bounds," she reflects.

While, it's somewhat understandable how circumstances make it more difficult to walk away from a marriage, especially financially when it comes to supporting her eight children, one has to wonder if putting your husband on an eternal "love lockdown" yields happiness for anyone? 

He seems to think so.

"I'm still living in the house, so there's still love there. I'm not having sex with anyone to prove just how serious I am," Kev tells The Mirror. "The fact that she's checking up on me tells me that she cares."

Um, good luck kids - and get thee to therapy!