Grilled Cheese Lovers Have More Sex (Says Science)

grilled cheese

April 12th is "National Grilled Cheese Day," so looks like we're JUST in time for the celebration with this interesting bit of news.

Here it goes: According to a new study, those who enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches tend to a) have more sex b) be more charitable, and c) are more adventurous. 

Basically: If you loved grilled cheese — and who doesn't? — you are AWESOME.

Skout conducted a survey with more than 4,600 of its users in the U.S. and made some interesting connections amongst those who love grilled cheese sandwiches. 

They found that a total of 73 percent of "grilled cheese" lovers have sex at least once a month, in comparison to the 68 percent who don't like grilled cheese.

Furthermore, 32 percent of the "cheesy sandwich" fans have sex at least six times a month, opposed to the 27 percent who don't enjoy them. 

Now, of course, having sex and devouring sandwiches isn't all grilled cheese lovers are good for. 

The survey found that 81 percent of people who love the sandwich also take time to do charity by donating their time, money, or food.

Also, the gooey sandwich lovers are more likely to travel and be adventurous, given that 88 percent of them fall under the "fairly" and "very" adventurous category.

So, there you have it, folks. Not only is melted cheese and bread basically the best sandwich combo EVER, so are the people eating them.