Creepy As F*ck: "Cuddle Star" Says He's Spooned Over 10,000 Women

This guy enjoys cuddling so much that it has become an art form for him.


Many women tend to think men don't like to cuddle unless it leads to sex, or at least ups the ante. But as with any rule (or misconception), there are exceptions and Mike Fine is just that: an exception. Fine, who is a self-proclaimed "cuddle star" may be on the brink of something great. The 33-year-old bachelor living in the Upper West Side of NYC claims to have cuddled 10,000 women for no other reason than the love of it. 


Um, okay.

Mike may write comedy as his day job, but during his free time he'd rather be spooning.

"I'd choose cuddling 10 times out of 10 [over sex] — it's more intimate. And at least cuddling I know I'm good at," explains Fine to New York Post." Sex is like a chore, a routine — like going to the dentist."

He reveals that he cuddles with seven women per week for about an hour each on average. While, most men's goals on a Friday night are limited to attaining the easiest target for a night of sexcapades, he's just looking for a little snuggle action.

"So many women turned me down for sex that I figured cuddling would be a great middle ground," explains Fine, though he admits some of his "cuddle" partners come back wanting more commitment, whether it's sex or a good old-fashioned relationship.


"Some want to sleep with me or [for it to] turn into something more," reveals Fine. After five cuddle sessions with one woman, she started pushing for a relationship, but that's just not his forte. "There's nothing worse than a clingy cuddler," he says.

Um, don't we know it.