Hangry Woman Stabs Boyfriend For Eating All The Chips And Salsa

Thank GOD he didn't touch the guac.

chips and salsa

Some people just get hangry! It usually results in some awkwardness since some people just become stand-offish on an empty stomach, but then there is that rare occasion where someone becomes violently angry (which a Snickers won't cure).

Unfortunately, this was the case for a certain Ohio woman who stabbed her boyfriend for eating all the chips and salsa over the weekend.

Yes, there are some weird fights that come up in relationships and food is sometimes one of them. It only ever comes down to being violently tickled because as much as we love food, usually there's a simple solution (like flipping a coin to choose a restaurant) — and that's usually the end of that battle. But not for Phyllis D. Jefferson, 50 who allegedly had enough of her boyfriend, Ronnie Buckner, 61 eating all of her chips and salsa she allegedly stabbed him with a pen, repeatedly. 


According to Associated Press, Bunker claims that he was trying to catch the television, which Jefferson knocked over when she allegedly came back and proceeded to stab him, yet again, with a kitchen knife.

Police arrived at the scene to find Bunker holding his stomach in pain. Although, Jefferson allegedly left the scene of the crime, but was pulled over by the cops on Interstate 77, west of Akron.

Jefferson has been charged with felonious assault and criminal damaging. Her boyfriend's injuries have been described by WJW News as non-life threatening. He was taken to Akron General Medical Center for treatment.


We can only hope that the poor man takes this as a lesson learned and runs, far and fast, once he's released.