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Lululemon Releases New, Comfy "Anti-Ball Crushing" Pants For Men

Lululemon ABC Pant

It looks like men's attire is getting more and more accommodating for their nether regions. Just earlier this week, news came out there are a new pair of jeans that help men get busy in public with new types of pockets. Now Lululemon is reporting that they are coming out with "ABC" pants that are more comfortable for men's junk.

The fashion company mainly known for yoga and fitness attire (and recalled sheer pants) is now focusing on their male clientele and making sure dude's packages are nice and comfy and breathable with their new "ABC" pants.

The $128 pants are engineered in a way for "you and the family jewels room to breathe," according to Lululemon. It looks like a smart business move for them since the pants have increased the same-store sales last quarter by 16 percent.

The pants are made out of Lululemon's "Rulu" material, which is sweat-wicking and has four-way stretch.

"These pants are absolutely fantastic. They work great for working on, golfing, hiking, etc.. They have an excellent fabric which stretches comfortably. A little snug on my thighs, but the material yields perfectly giving it a fashionable, yet functional design," says one reviewer on their site.

Word's still out when they plan to release a sports bra that doesn't make your boobs itchy.