Discreetly Get It On With New "Magic Access" Jeans

Uhhh, just what we needed?

PlayPants Jeans

Women have easy access outfits, like a skirt or a dress, if they want to get it on in public. But guys? Not so much. 

Until now.

Lithuanian designer, Robert Kalinkin has designed a new pair of easy-access jeans for men called PlayPants, which have front pockets that use buttons instead of zippers to give easy access. The idea came about when the designer's jeans accidentally got a new hole in them and he found the hole to come in handy.


"Many people put such a big emphasis on a sexual aspect of PlayPants, but we've actually created them first and foremost as fun and unexpected gifts – be it for Valentine's Day or a bachelor party," Viltrakyte tells PEOPLE. "That's what makes PlayPants special – their ability to provoke such reaction to such a simple and fun idea."

But don't let that fool you. The website still states the jeans are great if you have a "dull love life" or "single night at the cinema."

Interested? You will now be able to buy a pair of them for $209, but PLEASE: We don't want to see your junk in public.