10 Foods To Eat For The Hottest Orgasms Of Your LIFE

Get ready to lick your lips.

Food For The Hottest Orgasms

If you'd rather fall asleep than have sex, it may be time to boost that libido. Forget everything you've learned about foreplay and lingerie. The real secret to bedroom bliss may start long before your head hits the pillow. Truly great sex starts in the kitchen, with foods that have been used for centuries to increase desire can even help you orgasm.

Though there are dozens of over-hyped supplements for sex, Mother Nature has provided everything you need to get in the mood. We've pulled together a list of the very best, all-natural eats that'll give you the hottest sex of your life. Some of them are backed by science, others are just damn-sexy bites that'll make you feel like a minx.


Ultimately, that's what matters — if you find a food sexy, enjoy it! Eat a cherry with your bare teeth. Lick salted chocolate from your lips. Because a the end of the day, there's nothing sexier than someone thoroughly savoring life. 

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10. Chia Seeds

Chia Pudding

10. Chia seeds. Given in homage to Aztec kings, chia seeds can boost circulation and increase stamina. When served as gorgous little layered puddings, they become downright sextacular. Grab the recipe from Iowa Girl Eats.


2. Maca

Sex Coffee

Maca has been used for thousands of years as a hormone stimulant--it was once fed to Aztec warriors before sending them off to battle. Get your own, personal wrestle on with maca-laced Sex Coffee

2. Maca has been used for thousands of years as a hormone stimulant— it was once fed to Aztec warriors before sending them off to battle. Get your own, personal wrestle on with maca-laced sex coffee


3. Figs


3. Fresh figs have long been considered a fertility enhancer — and well, the shape and color simply scream sex. Science confirms figs have the ability to stimulate pheremone production, making you absolutely irresistible.


4. Eggs

Baked Eggs

4. Eggs. Believe it or not, the humble egg can help you get in the mood. High protein foods like eggs give your body what it needs to amp up dopamine levels in the brain. Put simply, this is your feel-good hormone. And without it, sex kinda sucks. Grab this recipe for Baked Eggs from Natalie's Daily Crave.

5. Ginseng


5. Ginseng. A study out of University of Hawaii showed women who added ginseng to their diet increased their libido after just one month. 68% of participants said their sex life was significantly hotter. So hurry — make Ginseng Tea (via NoobCook)!


6. Strawberries

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

6. Strawberries. Try eating a strawberry and not feeling like a vixen. Dip that strawberry in dark chocolate, then freeze until firm and you've got the steamiest sweet ever. Make, eat, make love. Grab the recipe at BongoTimes.

7. Boozy Jello Shots

Boozy Jelly Shots

7. Boozy jello shots. Drop your inhibitions with a bite of booze. Jelly shots are a fun way to loosen up and feel sexier than ever. Get this recipe from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.


8. Cacao

Sex Bombs

8. Raw Cacao stimulates a sense of euphoria. A great way to get revved for orgasm. Get a whole mouthful of them in with our Sex Bombs.

9. Oysters

Soy and Sesame Oysters

9. Oysters. Known for their aphrodisiac qualities, studies show oysters actually do help sex — natural compounds in them can raise testosterone and oestrogen levels. Enjoy them with this simple recipe from Taste.


1. Chocolate

Chocolate Cake

1. Chocolate has been touted for centuries as a sex-booster. Who are we to disagree? Especially since finding this Flourless Chocolate Cake from Gimme Some Oven. If this doesn't scream "Let's have amazing sex now," we don't know what does.