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7 Brave Men Tell Us What They Think Of Going Down On Women

oral sex

We know men love receiving blow jobs – in fact, it’s one of their very favorite things. But how do they feel about going down on us? Turns out giving is right up there with receiving!

1. There's nothing more intimate.

"For me there is nothing more intimate than performing oral sex on a woman. I find that the more I love a woman the more I want to please her and it is as much about reciprocity as it is about exploration.  I love it with the lights on so I can see the look on her face as I glance up and see her shake and moan as I explore all of her." Garren James, seen on the Showtime documentary series Gigolos

2. Up until my mid-20s, I hated it.

"I think it's a rite of passage to manhood to fall in love with the idea of going down on a girl. Up until my mid-20s, I hated it. I looked at it as something you had to do to get to sex. The best analogy would be when Andy traversed the sewer to freedom in Shawshank Redemption. But then I dated a girl for a few years who showed me that it could be fun and enjoyable and nowadays I balk at men who don't like it! 

"It's as astonishing to me as men who can't stand the idea of a threesome with two girls! Blasphemy! Although, sometimes women have, to quote many a commercial 'that not so fresh feeling.' So, I might throw out the line, "Hey, let's both take showers then get dirty all over again..." It seems more appropriate than 'Woman.. you stink!' which would also probably hinder my chance to metaphorically burst from that sewer pipe and feel the sweet rain of intercourse." Ralph Sutton, author of 8-Step Guide to Picking Up a Pole Princess 

3. We have no idea what the hell we're doing.

"I think the truth is that men, for the most part, are totally cool with it, but we don't have the best idea as to what the hell we are doing! Is this too hard, too soft, too fast/slow. I think more men would be happy to chow down on their woman's 'lady bits' if they were encouraged more with positive instruction. I think men feel if they do it 'wrong,' then the eyes roll and sigh are soon to follow, along with a 'just forget it, honey' attitude." Derrick Pierce, award-winning adult actor, performer, and director

4. It's wonderful!

“What do we really think? I think we love it, it's wonderful! But as a man who believes more in the pleasure of the woman and myself, the most wonderful thing is going down on a woman.” Dan Nainan, Comedian/Actor 

5. It all depends on the woman.

"The thought process completely depends on the woman. If she is a woman who climaxes rather quickly, or in a decent amount of time, then it becomes the enjoyable aspect of making her orgasm and everything that goes with it. The movements, the grinding, the clamping of her legs, the feeling if her nails on your head, and so on.

"Now, if a woman can't climax quickly, and it may take awhile, but you know you can't go anywhere until she does, then the thoughts can literally go from "Did I lock my car?" to "Is she really enjoying this or faking it?" to "I really hope (insert sports team) makes the playoffs this season, we have too many injuries, but give this team a chance and they could go far into the playoffs." Brian S.

6. It's a great tease.

"I love going down on a woman! It's a tease for me, and gets her going all at the same time." —Ryan Driller, adult performer and star of Marriage 2.0

7. The best path to pleasure

"I know every guy thinks when he is with a woman and she is writhing around and saying she is cumming that he is the most magnificent sexual king that ever shared his manly prowess with a woman. But by my estimation, it is probably only true one time in a million. Knowing the difference between a real and fake orgasm meant becoming a aware of the line between truth and falsehood, glory and ruin, satisfied and frustrated. I always yearned to return to this place with my lovers ever after and entering porn only gave me more experience to realize that the true path to a woman's full orgasmic potential lay in the revelation of cunnilingus.

"Any Knight carrying a stiff lance needs to know if he wishes to save princesses from the tower of sexual dissatisfaction his silver tongue will be a better key than his best swordsmanship. Any man that is not willing to make the effort and enjoy giving himself chivalrously and unselfishly to his lady's pleasure does not deserve to enter Camelot. In which case, he will never know what glory he is missing out on, the divinity and joy of female pleasure fulfilled." —Farrell Timlake, owner of Homegrown Video