Majority Of Women Fake Orgasms To End Sex, Says Survey


woman and man in bed

In this day and age where sex is being talked about more openly in the media than ever before, ladies are having orgasms all the time with their guys, right? According to Cosmopolitan's survey: not really.

The survey included 2,300 women between the ages 18-40, and had them answer questions about their own orgasm. A high 72 percent said their partner has reached an orgasm, but didn't even try to return the favor. (Um, selfish.) The survey showed that there is an even bigger imbalance with women saying that their male partners reach climax 95 percent of the time.


The results also showed that the art of faking it isn't going anywhere. A whopping 67 percent of women admitted to faking it with their partners. Then there was 27 percent of women who said they faked it to "end sex more quickly" feeling like the attempt to reach an orgasm was impossible. Then there was the 28 percent who said they faked it in order to protect their partner's ego. 

Of course, a big culprit of the imbalance of orgasm between partners is that men don't really understand the important of clitoral stimulation. Sadly, they still think a woman's pleasure is all about penetration. A good 38 percent of women said they're just not getting enough clitoral stimulation to go over the edge, and 35 percent said their partners aren't giving the right kind of stimulation.


But there is some good news: 78 percent of the women said they believe their partner does care about her orgasm. It just looks like a lot more communication about what will get them there needs to happen.