WTF: 25 Percent Of Men Would Bang Their Mother-In-Law, Says Study

Sweet Home Alabama

It's another day, which means there is another chance for science to really disappoint us. Not everything we think about in the back corners of our brain should be shared with the good of humanity, in our opinion, including the very f*cked-up fantasies happening in the back of our husband's minds. Well brace yourself, ladies, because a new study has found that there's a good chance that your husband finds your mom sexually attractive.

YUP. You read that right.

The study involved 1,500 married men and found 25 percent of them actually find their mother-in-law sexually attractive. Also two-thirds of men said they would be happy if their wives aged like their mothers, and almost half said they think their mother-in-laws influence their partner's style.

"It's easy to pigeonhole older women and sometimes hard for them to feel sexy or appreciated but this study reveals how admired so many mother-in-laws actually are, both for their appearances, style and personality overall," said a spokesperson for Peter Hahn, a fashion brand that commissioned the survey.

Well, that's all well and good, and we get that this study is about chipping away at ageism in society (and, of course, we're all for that) but why does this still feel super-icky to us?