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What All Parents MUST Know About Teens And Their Selfies [VIDEO]

Your daughter seems to spend more time glued to her phone than actually breathing fresh air. Instead of learning that second language you wish she'd study, she's checking out which Instagram filters show off her new dress the best. Sound familiar? Whether you like it or not, selfies have taken over the social media world.

As a parent, it's normal to ask yourself why your kids are so obsessed with what's happening on their Facebook and Instagram feed. And you're not alone in that worry. A staggering 91 percent of teens have posted photos of themselves online. This modern fascination with selfies raises some serious concerns for kids and parents alike.

The big question of course is what is this selfie obsession doing to your kids?

Let's start with the obvious. Selfies reek of narcissism. They're also boldly in your face; often showing your kid in a more grownup light than you (and really they) are ready for. Finally, with cyberstalking becoming more common, it's hard not to worry about what your teen is up to online. 

Overall, there's very little press that shows selfies in anything but a negative light. After all, if she's updating the world about every little detail of her life, how can you trust that she's staying safe online?

So what's a parent to do?

Parenting Expert Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein tackles these issues perfectly. In this video she stresses that when it comes to your kid's selfie habit, the REAL issue lies in the fact that you need to "make the judgment call [of where these photos are shared]. Whether she's a tween or a teen, [she] may not always have the judgment call really right for herself."

We couldn't agree more! Sometimes, teens don't understand the repercussions of their actions. It's up to you as her parent to teach your child how to protect herself online.

But don't worry, it's not all bad news. 

According to the LA Times, there are some hidden perks to taking selfies. After conducting a study, Lev Manovich stated that, "this self photography [are] indicative of a whole new photography movement and a way for individual self-expression."

He goes on to say that, "It's almost like a new landscape, or a new thought process: 'I am a part of this picture.'"

As we see it, it makes total sense that your teen just wants to feel like she belongs. When done right (and by that we mean with discretion and safety in mind) not only are selfies a great way for her to express herself, they make her feel connected to her peers.

The US News backs this up by saying that selfies can help shape your teen's identity. With the right supervision, selfies can impact your children's happiness for the better.

So we ask you this: how are you managing your kid's selfie habit?  After watching the video, if you have a great idea for our readers, share it in the comments!