Sorry, Boys! 7 Sexy Things I'm Saving For My Future Husband

sex acts

I'm not married. And I don't plan to tie the knot anytime soon.

I HAVE been in a monogamous relationship for years now, but there are still some sexy (read: risqué!) things I won't do until that ring is on my finger.

Long-term relationships are all about experimentation and trying new things to keep the spark alive. Here are 7 sexual things I won't do until I'm married (and ready to spice things WAY up):

1. Pretend to be someone else.
Maybe it's because I'm too immature at 23 to commit to a role play scenario — or maybe it's because I'm comfortable without role play at this stage in my sex life — either way, pretending to be a sexy maid can wait 'til marriage.

2. Let him in the back door.
Some women say that vaginal sex is just not as satisfying after having a baby and anal is the way to go. I can see how this is true but my vagina is doing just fine now. No baby. Still tight. I won't be knocking on the back door until marriage — WAY into marriage.

3. Get frisky in the sky (*cough* mile high club *cough*).
I'll be honest, I'm not rushing to have sex in the airplane bathroom. It's small, smelly and seriously unsanitary. Who knows, maybe after I've been married for a few years, I'll want to get frisky in the air.

4. Take it all off in a tent.
There would probably be some sex on a family camping trip, right?

5. Squeeze a quickie in at work. 
I'll keep things spicy in my marriage with quickies here and there. But now? I'm fine waiting until after work.

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6. BDSM can wait ... for a long time.
This is similar to #1. I'm so NOT 50 Shades material right now — I'd be laughing, not gagging. But, who knows, maybe married me will be into it?

7. Sexy time every morning for a week.
Or any kind of sexual experiment. I don't want to lose my attraction to my husband! Married me will be totally up for a challenge, though.