The Real Scientific Reason You Can't Fall Asleep On Sunday Nights

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The REAL Scientific Reason You Can't Fall Asleep On Sunday Nights

Sundays are pretty bittersweet because you know it's your last 24 hours of freedom until Monday rolls around. The weekend is usually meant to relax and catch up on sleep that you lost over the busy workweek, but chances are you'll be restless on Sunday night rather than asleep.

So, what gives?

According to a new survey, being unable to fall asleep on Sunday night is actually pretty common. On average, people get six and a half hours of sleep on Sunday, and more than half of the population sleep for four hours or less!

(That's definitely coming up short of the recommended eight hours of sleep.)

Most of the reasons for not getting any shuteye include anxiety, worrying, and fear. And crazy enough, some people actually worry about commuting - 10 percent of participants couldn't sleep due to worries about traveling to work. 

The study also found that people who have challenging jobs (mentally or physically) are the ones who are the ones who are the most sleep-deprived. Makes sense.

However, MOST of these negative feelings are work-related (meaning, people can't sleep because they dread work the next day) which negatively affects their work come Monday. Basically: it's a big vicious cycle.

So how should someone go about breaking it?

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According to the authors of the study, a possible solution is to catch up on Friday before you hit the weekend, so that you're not waiting until the last minute on Sunday or early Monday AM. Too much of a procrastinator? Sleep medications and cognitive behavior therapy are also options.