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Blondes Are Having The Craziest — And Most! — Sex, Says Study

It seems like since the beginning of time, women with different hair color have been pitted against each other. Sometimes it would be based on stupid stereotypes like blondes being dumb, while brunettes are brainy. But then on the opposite spectrum, "blondes have more fun" apparently. But who's having the most fun when it comes to getting laid? conducted a recent survey with almost 6,000 participants. In the end, blondes came out on top by being the most adventurous sexually. The results showed 60 percent of them having one-night stands, which is more than women of any other hair color. They also have the highest average of sexual partners with 10.1.

Another interesting fact is that they think about sex the most! The survey found that 27 percent of single blond women think about sex several times week, 24 percent of brunettes and 22 percent of women with black hair do the same. You have to wonder if this is life imitating art, or has it always been the other way around?

Another good question, who is the runner up of getting laid the most? Redheads! The results show that 58 percent of them have had one night-stands, and they have the average of 9.4 sexual partners.

Now...the question on everyone's mind: How many of those blondes are natural?