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I Can Sum Up Being A Daughter In These 10 Texts I've Sent My Mom

I'll admit it: I'm a needy daughter. 

My mom is my go-to for pretty much all of the daily minor life struggles that I face, whether it's an issue in the kitchen, information on how to wash something, or if I need her to tell me to snap out of it when I'm having a breakdown over something ridiculous. 

The best part of having a modern mother-daughter relationship? It's all documented via text thanks to technology. Whenever I need a good laugh (or to refer to a recipe, or rules about how to wash certain kinds of shirts) I can refer to our past conversations by simply scrolling through our text history.

Read on for a few screenshots that totally sum up what it's like to be a daughter in the age of texting!


) When she worries about your whereabouts.

) When she guilt trips you via text.

) A text to put your mind at ease about your relationship status.

) Or a gentle reminder that you have other options you could try...

) When she gives you cooking advice -- even if you didn't ask for it.

) When she tries to get you to be healthier.

) When she provides a much needed text message smack down.

) Or much needed help with basic life skills.

) When you just want help with a repair that needs to be made after the last party you threw.

) Or her advice on how to cover up your most recent poor life choice.