GENIUS: This App Allows You To Text Using Only Drake Rap Lyrics

Drake using a phone

"Are we still good? Are we still good? If I need to talk are you around? Are you down for the cause?"

Drake is the rapper you turn to if you're feeling down and out. When your friend is tweeting lyrics from his album, you should know to text that person STAT and ask what's up because girl, that sh*t is almost always a cry for help. Well, good news Drake fans: you can now communicate via text message using only the rapper's lyrics.

A new app called "Drizzy" is now available for those who want to use Drake's lyrics in their texts, but don't have them memorized or have time to Google then copy and paste into the iphone (Although, really? Do people go through THAT much work?)

The app categorizes his lyrics into categories like ex's, feels, hustle, hate, and random so no matter the vibe, Drake's got you COVERED. If you feel like just one set of lyrics won't do, then you're in luck! The app also allows you to send a full Drake song to someone using Spotify.

So go forth, people everywhere, to annoy your friends/baby-daddies/husbands/lovers/ex-lovers by bombarding them with the perfect Drake lyric.  

Now, when are we getting "Tay Swizzle" the new app to text solely using Taylor Swift lyrics?