10 Of The Sexiest Politicians Working It In Washington Today

These Beltway personalities make us wanna undo our belts and do naughty things. Sort of.

Lana Del Rey winking wearing red lipstick in front of the United States American flag for her "Ride" music video

People often refer to Congress and politics in general as Hollywood for ugly people. That's mostly true.

Most politicians, at least on the inside, are hideous (and the ones who aren't will be soon enough once they get the hang of things). Additionally, many politicians have really bad, albeit expensive, haircuts. But in order to get elected, politicians have to be attractive somehow, even if they're faking it (which they probably are, and again, if they're not, they will be soon enough). Charisma can go a long way into making people forget that you're at best plain and at worst tragic looking.


These politicians all played the game so well that they've convinced us that we'd go to bed with them somehow, someday, and that we'd be doing it for the people. God bless America.

1. Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin has failed at just about everything and still somehow manages to stay relevant. Seriously, what other losing vice-presidential candidates can you name? That said, she has to be doing something right. My Fox News-loving grandpa tells me it's the legs, and I'll take his word for it.


2. Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan vice president, Paul Ryan Republican, Republican Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan: Because behind every conservative is a very dark, deviant, pervy side. Look at those eyes, that smug smile, that widow's peak. Dude is probably into some freaky shit.


3. John Boehner and Mitt Romney

john boehner, speaker john boehner, john boehner orange, john boehner tan, john boehner congress, john boehner orange tan, mitt romney, mitt romney tan, mitt romney orange

John Boehner and Mitt Romney count as one person because they have so much in common besides their Republican loyalty. And by "so much in common" I just mean "orange skin." What makes that sexy? C'mon, don't act like Doritos aren't delicious.


4. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court, Associate Supreme Court, Associate Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the Beyonce of the Supreme Court, and you will deal.

5. Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio, Marco Rubio water

Some people think it's not hot if someone's too thirsty. The good thing about Marco Rubio's insatiable thirst, though, is that it makes him a man who will do whatever it takes.


6. Joe Biden

joe biden, vice president joe biden, joe biden democrat

Is there any living politico on Earth you'd rather have a beer with than Vice President Mr.-Steal-Yo-Girl Joe Biden? He has no filter and no f*cks left to give. And he does things like this constantly.

7. Elizabeth Warren

elizabeth warren, sen elizabeth warren, elizabeth warren senator, senator, elizabeth warren democrat

Whether or not Elizabeth Warren's cheekbones are a result of her alleged Cherokee heritage, they're working as well as her legislation does. Especially considering that haircut.


8. Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum

Google or Urban Dictionary "santorum." If that's your thing, well, he's your guy, considering it's basically what comes out of his mouth every time he speaks.

9. Cory Booker

Cory Booker, Cory Booker Newark, Newark, Newark nj, new jersey, newark new jersey, cory booker senate, senator, senator cory booker

Cory Booker saves puppies, shovels driveways, hosts slumber parties for constituents in need and made Newark less scary. The only thing left for him to do is tie on a cape and join the Avengers.


10. Rick Perry

Rick Perry, Texas Governor Rick Perry, Texas Rick Perry, Rick Perry Texas, Governor Rick Perry, Gov Rick Perry, Texas Gov Rick Perry

For all you women who are into Christian Grey, consider former Texas Governor Rick Perry your guy, because he's domineering, rich, white and wants total control of your reproductive organs.