5 Apps That Will Fix Any Relationship Problem You Can Think Of

Boring love life? There's an app for that.

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Sick of having the same fight over and over with your partner? Even more sick of hearing your friends' advice about these fights? These amazing relationship apps may be the answer.

Check out our favorite apps and figure out which one is right for your relationship!

1. Mr. and Mrs. Boring

69 places is designed for a couple looking to spice up their sex life. Not only does this app suggest new venues for your rendezvous, it even keeps track of where you "visit" most often so you learn where you are most aroused.


2. Food Fighters

Avocado puts an end to those fights in front of the refrigerator. The virtual grocery list allows you to keep your partner up to date on the contents, or missing contents, of the fridge. Thus, avoiding that painful moment of staring into the freezer and realizing all of the ice cream is gone. This app also includes a calendar and a private messaging system so you and your partner can be completely in sync (and not say "bye bye bye" to your relationship).

3. Long Distance Lovers

Couple: Relationship App for Two is an essential app for a long distance relationship. This app allows you to send sketches to your partner, when words just don't cut it. The calendar in it also helps you plan and take advantage of the few moments you do have together.


4. Nervous Nellies

Open Ended Questions: The Gottman Institute works to fix two common pitfalls of relationships: being too scared to ask the big questions and being too busy to think about the big picture. Whether you're nervous or you only have time to ask, "did you take out the garbage?", this app helps remind you what you need to be focusing on to keep your relationship on track.

5. The Bickersons


Fix a Fight is basically your at-home therapist. It guides you through steps of identifying your feelings, finding the bigger issues, and solving these issues. Mostly this app helps you create an open dialogue in a healthy, productive way.

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