9 Smoking Hot Reasons To Fall In Love With A Firefighter

He can save your life — and your cat that likes to climb trees. What more can you ask for?


Looking for a new flame? Then you should seriously consider heating up your love life by dating a firefighter.

Firefighters are trained problem solvers, incredibly courageous, completely selfless, and look damn good shirtless. A man who is brave enough to run into a burning building will surely be able to protect you from life's smaller threats (like mice). 

Need more convincing? Read on for a list of nine reasons to hook yourself a firefighter.


1. They're in amazing shape
There's a reason why the calendar companies chose firefighters for their shirtless spreads. Firefighters have to be in top shape to do their jobs, and as a result, they have bodies that put Ryan Gosling to shame.

2. Mouth-to-mouth is a job requirement
Firefighters are trained to give mouth-to-mouth ... which is beneficial to other situations ... if you know what we mean.

3. Who doesn't love a man in uniform?
Seriously. There's even a dating site for the die-hard uniform lovers. The firefighter uniform is one of the top requested getups for male strippers. And if you're dating a firefighter, he can put on a private show just for you.


4. They're used to facing difficult situations
If he's not afraid of running into a burning building, he won't run away from any tough situation that you're facing in your relationship.

5. They'll understand that pole-dancing actually qualifies as a workout
You might even get him to join you in class...or at least get him to let you use the firehouse pole for practice.

6. They know how to cook
A big part of the firefighter culture is cooking — since their hours are often during lunch and dinner. Who doesn't love a man that can whip up something delicious? You already know how we feel about chefs ...

7. They're animal lovers
He's used to taking care of the firehouse dalmatian, so chances are he'll be more than welcoming when he meets your pets ... or when you convince him to get a puppy.


8. You'll never be locked out again
Who needs a locksmith when you've got a firefighter with an ax to break down your door?

9. They will sweep you off your feet
Literally. It's part of their training.

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