How To Stop Your Kid From Being A Quitter [VIDEO]

As a parent, seeing our kids get stressed out can feel pretty awful. Whether it's struggling with homework or being frustrated when trying new activities such as playing a sport or joining a clug, it can be hard to watch our children fail. But what's even worse is when our family is so afraid of failing that they would rather quit that stick it through.

That's why we couldn't agree more with parenting expert Tara Kennedy-Kline when she says that we need to stop focusing on "having well rounded children than children who are really passionate about one thing that they're really good at." Seriously, as cliché as it may sound, there's a reason why the adage "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" is so popular.

For starters, what does it solve when we let our kids give up before they can even get the hang of things? Nothing! Instead of raising our kids with the mentality that they need to work hard to succeed, we just let them throw in the towel. And that's just not right. After hearing Tara Kennedy-Kline's advice on how to get our kids to work things out before giving up, we're even more convinced that doing this will benefit them in the long run. After all, nothing that is worth fighting for will ever come easy.