How Being In Love Affects Your Brain (Says Science) [VIDEO]

Is it really the most powerful thing in the world?

couple staring

If you've ever been in love before, you know just how much it can change who you are as a person and the way you look at things. There's something about that fluttery feeling in your chest that makes your heart swell at the thought of being away from your significant other. But did you know that love can impact your life in even more strange ways?

According to author Dr. Sue Johnson, research actually shows that being love affects the way that your brain processes certain things, including but not limited to how you handle criticism or arguments with your partner. Seriously! We've always believed that in the power of love; hearing her thoughts on the science of love only solidified that. If you're having a hard time believing this, think about it this way.

  • Haven't we all had that one moment where we were unsure about what we were feeling and whether or not our partner felt the same?
  • How do we think it makes our partners feel when we hide behind a wall to avoid getting hurt? Why do we do that in the first place?

Dr. Sue Johnson's cold hard facts on why love affects us so much makes us believe in the power of love all over again.