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11 Dating Mistakes Women Make (As Told By A Woman Who Made ALL Of Them)

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One of the greatest things about being single? The stories. Some are funny, like when you meet someone on a dating app and talk to them for a month only in food puns. Some are bizarre, like that time you were totally hitting it off with a guy at the bar and a cockroach landed on your arm. (NYC, amiright?) And others are pretty horrifying, like that time you realized the guy you were swooning over was, at one point, a suspect in a major dissapearance case. Mug shots don't lie.

With each mistake, we reflect, learn and (eventually) laugh. But that doesn't mean women don't make mistakes. Because, trust me, I made plenty this year. And I have a feeling they will sound *very* familiar. 

Shall we?

The top dating mistakes women make, as told by my mistakes: 

1. The times I agreed to a second date when I didn't want one.
It would've saved everyone time.

2. The times I tried dating multiple people at once.
I know plenty experts recommend it—and I'll even tell my friends to do it! But it gets stressful. I wasn't even really getting to know any of them because I was just trying to keep up and get all the facts straight.

And, when two guys you've gone on a couple of dates with, along with that guy you actually like, all text you at the same exact time and ask you what you're doing that night there's only one feeling: PANIC ATTACK.

3. The times I gave the guys who weren't right for me more dates.
I made a conscious effort not to write people off so easily this year. But there's a fine line between giving someone a chance, getting to know them and recognizing they're just not a good match for you. But come on, life, where the eff is that line?!

4. The times I didn't give perfectly nice ones any.

5. The time I texted a friend that my date was "Ugh. 8 minutes late."
But WHOOPS! I SENT THAT TEXT TO THE DATE. Who—guess what?—wasn't even late. He was just in another part of the bar. My favorite shoe broke right after that, and I deserved it.

6. The times I ran away when guys said they liked me early on.
I wish I had appreciated the honesty and maturity—and not been scared by it.

7. All the times I felt bad, sad and mad that a guy doesn't want what I want.
Way too much time wasted on being upset over something I can't control.

8. The time I rescheduled plans with a guy for 3 months before finally going on the date I agreed on.
On the bright side, it was a good exercise in persistence and patience for him. A+!

9. The time I rescheduled my flight to spend more time with my vacation boyfriend.
Just kidding! That was definitely not a mistake, but's overspending alerts disagreed.

10. The times I wasn't honest with myself.
Knowing what you want is a good thing—and you shouldn't be afraid of it.

11. The times I didn't speak up about how I feel.
I imagine I'll struggle with this one into 2015, but I'll try my best to remember this: my feelings matter, too.

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