What Your New Year's Eve Outfit Says About You

Dress Collage

As many of us are all too aware, January 1st presents the first chance to make an impression on the new year. To ensure you're making the right (as in true-to-yourself) one, and not accidentally sending the wrong message, we went ahead and decoded some of the most common dress styles.

Read on to see what yours says about you. 


If It's Mini
Forget legs for days. You've got them for weeks, and you're not shy about showing off that extra time spent at the gym to get them right where you want them. Not typically one to turn down a good time, you are often viewed as the ultimate party girl. Just be sure to wear tights this season so you don't freeze that toned little butt off.

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If It's Full-Skirted
Your name might as well be Betty Draper because you have a flair for the frilly details and a longing for the times when chivalry wasn't yet dead. Take advantage of that roomy style when it comes to hitting the dance floor, where you just might find that guy with the classic car you've been looking for.

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If It's Fitted
If your knee-length bodice doesn't give it away, the constant checking of your Blackberry should do the trick because baby, you're all business. Try to leave your professional persona behind for just one night, during which the only serious side you’ll be showing off is those curves.

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If It's Neon
Is it loud in here, or is it just you? Your typical party mantra is "seen and be scene," and it didn't take you long to realize one easy way to guarantee the spotlight is to wear something that looks like it could very well be battery operated. Unless you're going to a disco or a rave, make sure your bright idea of a plan doesn't backfire by sticking to one hotly-hued item and keeping the rest of your ensemble to a neutral minimum.

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If It's Sparkly
Not one to take life too seriously, you believe the best cure for beating the everyday blahs is a sprinkle of sparkle. It isn’t rare for a friend to hear you belting out lyrics from a beloved Disney movie ("Do You Want to Build a Snowman?") or planning your next girls outing. Give people the opportunity to appreciate your spirit (without getting likened to a disco ball) by opting for either one shimmer-clad dress or (even better) a few accessories.

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If It's Leather
Here's hoping there's a fire extinguisher where you're going because your style typically runs hot, hot, hot. The only problem with leather is that it often means your temperature does along with it. Keep it cool (both figuratively and literally) by going with a sleeveless or cutout style that boasts some breathing room. Then, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the perfect stud to complete your edgy evening.

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If It's Sheer
Part sweet, part sassy (and every bit the fashionista), you love scouting the latest trends, especially when they play on the imagination. You often find yourself testing limits, from pairing unsuspecting shades or patterns to embarking on an adventurous day or night out. To keep partygoers focused while guessing, try to keep the rest of your breezy look laid-back.

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