What Does Your Guy's Underwear Say About His Personality?

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By Brinton Parker.

A man's clothes can tell you a lot about his appearance, but what he wears underneath them can be even more revealing. 

1. Flashy and metallic.

Undies like these are meant to be seen. If a guy rocks these on the regular, he might be looking for your attention.

2. Black and white.

When it comes to comfort, this guy sees black and white. He might not accept gray areas in other parts of his life, either.

3. Tighty Whiteys.

A guy that can rock tighty whiteys can rock anything. This basic brief is the sign of a man who's down-to-earth and unconcerned about fashion trends.

4. Basic boxer brief.

Basics are best. If he is wearing a plain pair of underpants, the odds are that he is rocking them (and knows it!).

5. Easy-access undies.

If he can flip out his beautiful behind (or something else), he is definitely counting on getting lucky.

6. Casual lounging briefs.

If these are the style your man chooses, he enjoys his time at home. He might not be the type to desire late nights out on the town, but he definitely prefers movie nights at home with his lady.

7. Bun-hugging butt accentuaters.

He's got a great butt, and he knows it. If he chooses these underwear, he's looking for compliments on his greatest feature!

8. Old man panties.

This guy buys tighty whiteys that are ill-fitting, suggesting that he may have stopped caring about how he looks in bed.

However, he might simply be breaking bad.

9. Back to black.

Boxers are the new black, and this guy is spot-on with his undergarment choices. He's on top of all the trends!

10. Bedazzled and bulgy.

There is nothing wrong with a nicely wrapped package, but if he's using glitter and rhinestones to draw attention to his nether regions, it seems a bit desperate.

That's not to say there isn't a time and place for bedazzled briefs, though!

11. Crotch caressers.

He's proud of what he's got going on down there, otherwise he wouldn't have purchased underwear that was so tight!

12. Basic boxers.

Guys in basic boxers are no-fuss, low maintenance, and classically manly. While the other styles of underwear are great, these also have their merits.

13. Always accessorized.

This guy is fashionable because he knows that accessorizing is key to a great outfit - even if you're only in skivvies!

14. Man thong.

This guy is bold and in-your-face, unafraid of repercussions from his choices. He bares it all right at the start, weeding out people who can't handle his personality (or his package).

15. Show-off shorts.

If he's quick to show off his undergarments, you'd better believe that he's not a bashful guy. He digs the attention, so you might as well oblige him!

16. Business casual.

This guy is probably a hard worker who enjoys slipping off his trousers after a long day at the office. There's nothing wrong with getting comfy!

17. Active undies.

Comfortable underpants are necessary for an active lifestyle, so this guy makes sure that his briefs fit the bill. Health and fitness are very high on his list of priorities!

18. Lazily loose.

His underwear tends to be loose and comfortable because relaxation is his top goal. While laziness can be a negative thing, seeing a guy in barely supported drawers can be quite a treat.

19. Bold and bright.

Pattern doesn't scare him, which probably means he isn't afraid of what others think. He marches to the beat of his own drum and looks good doing it.

On the other hand, his undies are pretty childish - he might still live with Mom and Dad!

20. '70s staple.

If his underwear looks like an ad from your dad's teen years, this guy is either too old or trying too hard.

21. Blue basics.

Rather than sticking to shades of gray, this guy isn't afraid to show a little color. His blue skivvies might reflect his emotional state, or he is simply a colorful character.

22. Patriotic panties.

This guy is passionate about his country and wants to show it with his best feature. God bless America!

23. Short and sweet.

There's no hiding these thighs, and that's the way he likes it! Any guy who wears this style of underwear is fit and wants to show off his hard work.

24. Wide variety.

Variety is the spice of life, right? A guy who alternates his undergarment wardrobe can't be easily defined because he follows his whims differently every day.

25. Fun formal.

Pairing underpants with a sport coat is not an easy look to pull off, so a guy deserves to enjoy his look if he can rock it! In order to make this work, he has to have a great sense of humor and a toned physique.

26. Carelessly comfy.

Prioritizing comfort, this guy doesn't care how he looks - rather, he cares how he feels. A man with this style of undergarments will likely be in touch with his own needs, wants, and dislikes.

27. Commando.

So, maybe he doesn't wear underwear... this could be a sign of health-consciousness, or maybe he's just very low maintenance!

This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.