Namaste! 10 Ways Yoga Boosts Your Love Life

Yoga's not just for improving flexibility!

yoga couple

By Alexandra Joy

When I mention to people that I find yoga to be invaluable in my personal life, they typically react with raised eyebrows and knowing Cheshire Cat grins. Yes, yes, I know what they're picturing: The complex, acrobatic sexual positions found in the Kama Sutra. They automatically assume I must be a circus-trained contortionist! In fact, yoga classes can radically improve your sex life in numerous ways, bringing you better, longer, and more frequently occurring orgasms. Here are my top ten favorite ways that yoga skills can boost your sex life:


1. Focus

Yogic practices can help you stop thinking about your morning meeting with your client, the designer dress you plan to buy at the end of the month, or where to head on your next vacation. Give your complete attention to the sensual moments at hand. Enjoyment is all about presence!

2. Love and Acceptance of Your Body

People devoted to yoga know that we are all perfect in our own ways. This sort of attitude significantly boosts self-esteem. And nothing is sexier in bed than someone comfortable with his or her naked body. (And nothing is more likely to block a woman's orgasm than feeling bad about the way she looks naked.)


3. Stamina

Physical resilience is developed through static yoga positions. Your muscles become stronger and more elastic. Moreover, you learn to relax and find comfort staying still in the most inconvenient positions. It's the best possible training for a sex marathon!

4. Stress Relief

The goal of yoga is to keep calm under the onslaught of problems and disasters of the external world. Yoga reduces your stress levels, which puts you in the right mindset for sex.

5. Strong Intimate Muscles

This one is especially important for the ladies. You can't even imagine how much your life will change if you master one single yoga technique called Mula Bandha! You will learn to control your pelvic muscles, and will be able to squeeze them so tightly that both you and your partner will experience mind-blowing pleasure during intercourse. (There's much more detail about this in my book.)


6. Increased Libido

Allowing sexual energy to flow freely through your body will boost your sex drive and add a sparkle to your eye, which won't go unnoticed by your significant other. It will be easier for you to get turned on, and intercourse will bring multiple orgasms and greater overall enjoyment.

7. Improved Mood

A yogi's good mood isn't a result of self-hypnosis. Regular yoga lessons stimulate the production of the hormones responsible for making you feel upbeat—which makes sex (a) more appealing to you, (b) more likely to happen, and (c) more enjoyable when it does happen. So long, Monday morning blues!

8. Knowing Your Body

Yoga practice helps you learn how the different parts of your body react on touching them. This makes you less constrained and more prone to experimenting with your physical sensations. Awakened curiosity about your body will open up new possibilities and will make your sexual life more diverse and exciting.


9. Improved Blood Circulation in the Pelvis

Reverse yoga positions assist the normalization of blood circulation in the pelvic region, which in turn helps your genitals stay healthy and improves their sexual functioning.

10. Flexibility


Finally—the most obvious advantage yoga gives you. Break out the Cheshire Cat grins, everyone! The Kama Sutra beckons, as bending your legs past your ears can never be a bad thing in bed.