5 Signs Your Relationship Is Worth Saving [VIDEO]

After everything we've been through in our relationship, that moment when we finally hit our breaking point can be really heartbreaking. Even though we may have been with our partner for a long time, the fact that things have not been going so well can make us feel like enough is enough. Having to lie awake at night, overthinking every single problem seriously sucks; that just makes it even harder to figure out whether our relationship is worth saving or if we should just throw the towel in and walk away. Sometimes, love isn't enough to save a sinking ship—But that doesn't mean that we can't try if we really think that there's a possibility that it'll make a difference.

When dating expert Janet Ong Zimmerman talks about ways to tell if our relationship is worth fixing, we couldn't agree more. Trying to figure out when it's time to leave when things just aren't working can be incredibly difficult, especially when we're overwhelmed with a ton of thoughts about whether we did enough in the relationship or if we can find someone who will treat us better. That's what makes it so important for us to sit down and take a second to really think about how we're feeling. If we can't think about our guy without feeling stressed out or worried, then these may be telling signs that point us in the direction to leave. But if there's any chance that we still feel joy or love at the thought of him, trying to work things out may be the best thing for us. The point is that we should only walk away if we think we've done everything in our power to make things work. Take the Does He Woo Me quiz to know if you know if you're being wooed, used, if you should stay or cut ties.