Confidence Is The New Sexy So STOP Doubting Yourself! [VIDEO]

Why you should ALWAYS believe in yourself!

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We're pretty sure that we've all had those days where we feel so anxious over trying to make a decision that we end up driving ourselves crazy. But what we don't realize is that having to constantly second-guess ourselves over everything we do can really hurt our self-esteem. Instead of trusting ourselves, we spend so much time worrying about if we really do have the right answer or how we will come across if we do something. The only way that we'll ever be happy with ourselves is if we work on our confidence.

When life coach Dr. Lisa Kaplin talks about why we should change our habit of second-guessing every decision we make, we couldn't agree more. If we really think about it, what is the worst thing that could happen? Seriously, if we make a mistake, we can just use it as a learning experience. We've got to be confident enough to take a risk and just dive right in—After all, it's our only chance we'll get to really be who we are. Instead of questioning the little things, we need to have a little faith that we're doing the right thing. And that will make all of the difference.