Fashion Love: How To Go Monochromatic Without Looking Drab

monochromatic outfit

Yes, you can make monochromatic work for you.

I used to shy away from monochromatic outfits. It was almost subconscious: I just assumed any single-color outfit would be boring—or weird! But recently, I've actually been trying it, and I'm loving it. It's so simple and chic! When you open yourself up to monochromatic outfits, you open yourself up to so many more outfit options that are probably already in your closet—score!

Admittedly, it can be tricky to dress head-to-toe in one color. Here are a few ways to don the trend without blending into the crowd, or looking like one of those sports fanatics in a spandex suit.

Use Different Tones
The same color doesn't have to mean the same shade Pair a light chambray shirt with dark jeans for enough contrast to make it interesting.

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Photography by Meghan Residori

Add Drama With Jewelry
Never underestimate the power of a serious statement necklace Whenever I'm feeling a bit bland with my outfit, I add one and immediately feel transformed.

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Photography by Meghan Residori

Change Up The Shoes
Your shoe choice can change your entire outfit Going all grey? A bright shoe will add a serious pop of color. Already wearing a full-on bright outfit? A neutral, contrasting shoe will balance it out.

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Photography by Meghan Residori

Go Patterned
Adding a pattern into the mix breaks up the singular look, and can even make you forget you're wearing only one color from head to toe

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Photography by Meghan Residori

Layer Up
Layers make your outfit more visually interesting by adding another dimension Try a cute jacket, or even a scarf, or that 3-D effect.

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Photography by Meghan Residori

Mix Materials
One major way to differentiate the same-colored pieces of your outfit is to mix up the materials Coated denim pants, a cotton tee and a sequin blazer are about as different as a black jean and white top, as far as I'm concerned.

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Photography by Meghan Residori