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Arguing Over The Heat? THIS Temperature Keeps You Both Happy


For as long as I can remember, from November to March every single year, my parents have always argued over the heat. My mother likes to keep it at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, while my father finds 75 degrees to be a much more reasonable temperature. This, of course, leads to my mother telling him to layer up, because "oil doesn't grow on trees," and he just sneaking off to turn it up again. I even catch myself arguing with my husband over the temperature, as I throw open the window, loudly complaining about the fact that we have no control over our heat. It might seem trivial to argue over such a thing, but couples do, and do so more than you'd think.

A new study has found that 55 percent of people admit to arguing over the temperature in their homes, and 35 percent of Brits say they just can't agree with their partners about the ideal temperature. Hey, it's not easy living with someone else, especially one of those people who is always cold, like my dad.

On average, it's men who prefer to keep the house colder, whereas women, who are nine times more likely to get cold hands and feet, prefer a warmer home. Additionally, women are far more sensitive to changes in temperature than men.

The study found that the perfect temperature, or rather the one that keeps arguing at bay, is 71 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius.) Apparently, if you keep your thermostat there, you can hopefully avoid fighting over the oil bill, the fact that one is colder than the other, and, perhaps, even get through the holidays without having a breakdown over the damn heat.F

No matter what it is, couples will find a way to argue. From little things like who ate the last cookie to "big" things like who's turn it is to clean the bathroom, bickering within a relationship is just fact. However, if you can somehow limit that arguing, would you? Probably. So, the first step in doing so is deciding on your ideal temperature right now before the winter officially sets in. If you can come to a compromise before you're both standing in the living room yelling that you're hot or cold, it will help relieve any unnecessary fights.

No one wants to spend their winter fighting over heat. I mean, seriously. Fight over the last cookie being eaten instead; at least that actually matters.

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