This Just In: How Sleeping With 20+ Women Could Save A Man's Life

women raising hands

Playing the field? It could be helping you live longer, guys.

Many men try to get their number of sexual partners up in order to have bragging rights, but there might actually be a health benefit to it. A new study says men who had multiple sexual partners may be protecting themselves from cancer.

Typically when people talk about having a high amount of sex partners they talk about the risk of contracting STDs. They see it as something dangerous to your health—and it certainly can be if you aren't using protection.

Research from University of Montreal found that men who had slept with over 20 women were 28 percent less likely to get prostate cancer, and 19 percent less likely to get a more aggressive cancer than men who have only had one sex partner.

Lead researcher, Professor Marie-Elise Parent explained that the frequency of ejaculations with many female partners maybe the reason for this effect.

As for gay men? The same researchers found that gay men who have more than 20 sex partners actually end up doubling their risk of prostate cancer. But gay men are not alone—keeping your virginity also can double the risk.

Ladies, if you are hoping to hear that multiple sex partners can also save you from cancers then you will be gravely disappointed. The study has no mention of women ... but there's always hope!