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The #1 Way To Keep Things Fresh In The Bedroom [VIDEO]

Sometimes, we get so caught up in routine that our relationships lose the spark that was there in the beginning. The tension can stack up, leading to less spontaneous and sometimes boring sex. Trying to figure out how to spice up our sex lives can be pretty hard when we don't know what we should change. That's one of the reasons why talking with our partners is so important. If we really think about it, there's really one thing that can instantly improve our experience—And that's emotional intimacy.

When author Dr. Sue Johnson mentions that spicing things up in the bedroom isn't as difficult as it seems, we couldn't agree more. Where most people would tell to buy new bras, exciting lingerie, or even find a new position, she believes in something else. In fact, Dr. Johnson stresses that the best way to have a better hotter sex life is actually to first have a great emotional connection with our partners. Studies have shown that couples in serious relationships tend to have more sex. This is probably because they feel comfortable with one another and can talk openly about what they want to do without feeling judged by their partner. Feeling safe and loved is definitely essential to having that connection because it allows you to relax and let yourself really enjoy the moment. Also, couples who have an emotional also have more foreplay. Even though it seems really hard to believe, being open with our partners can really go a long way when it comes to stopping the sex in our longterm relationships from getting stale.