FINALLY! The Secret To Living A Happy & Stress Free Life! [VIDEO]

Sometimes, when you're not looking, life can come at you pretty fast. We've all had that moment where we felt so overwhelmed with everything going on that it was hard to take just one minute to breathe. But what we seem to forget is that the only way that we can be stressed about something is if we let it stress us out. Even though finding out how to be happy (and have a healthy life) when there are a million things on out minds seems crazy, it really is possible. The key to being less anxious is to actively work to change what causes our anxiety.

When life coach Dr. Lisa Kaplin mentions that being overwhelmed is a mindset, we couldn't agree more. If we think that something on our to-do list is so overwhelming that we can't handle it, it's better to change things around than let that affect our whole mood for the day. Honestly, we put so much on our plates without realizing what our own limits are; it's almost as if we see being busy as a badge of honor. Instead of doing this, why not take a couple of minutes to just relax and get in touch with yourself? Not only will doing this give you the energy to get through your list, it'll make the difference between a great day and a bad one.